ENGITEC has been involved in four FP7 Industrial Collaborative Research Projects supported by the European Commission.

1. An Intelligent On-Line High-Speed Rail Condition Monitoring System Deployed Via Passenger and Freight Trains (Acronym: I-RAIL, Grant Agreement no. FP7-SME-2010-1-262293).

I-RAIL sought to practically eliminate rail failures by successfully delivering a non-contact high-speed rail condition monitoring system based on Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) Technology. The application of the high-speed system was complemented through the implementation of novel semi-automated testing equipment based on ultrasonic phased array technology which will be deployed for the in-situ verification and evaluation of the defects detected during high-speed inspection.

The implementation of the I-RAIL project aimed to support the effort of the rail industry in delivering a modern rail network and achieving better safety standards by developing a novel intelligent and efficient methodology for the inspection and evaluation of the rail tracks. It also enabled the participating SMEs to expand their product and services portfolio helping them to penetrate the rail transport market more efficiently and promote their sustainable growth in the forthcoming years. More information can be found on the project’s website: http://www.i-railproject.eu/

ENGITEC led the development of the I-RAIL Intelligent Decision Support Tool during the project. For more information please contact Mr. George Nicolaides.

Engitec and Rail Industry

2. On-line Remote Condition Monitoring of Tidal Stream Generators (Acronym: REMO, Grant Agreement no. FP7-SME-2012-1-314839).

The REMO consortium sought to develop an integrated condition monitoring system for the remote evaluation of the rotating components of tidal stream turbines. The developed integrated system combined accelerometers and acoustic emission sensors. More information can be found on the project’s website: http://www.remo-project.eu/

ENGITEC led the development of the REMO system’s software which was a critical component of the project. For more information please contact Ms. Christina Hatzigeorgiou.

Engitec and Tidal Energy Industry

3. Development and demonstration of intelligent non-contact inspection technology for concentrated solar power plants (Αcronym: INTERSOLAR, Grant Agreement No. FP7-SME-2013-1-605028).

INTERSOLAR sought to decrease by a noteworthy margin the number of failures associated with the coolant system and absorber tubes of CSP plants resulting in the minimisation of corrective maintenance costs. The consortium members of the project achieved this through the development and successful implementation of an intelligent guided waves inspection platform based on the use of preferably non-contact Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Sensors (EMATs).

Engitec led the development of the control system and software of the INTERSOLAR system. For more information please contact Dr. Philip Papaelias.

Engitec and CSP Industry

4. Demonstration of Methods and Tools for the Optimisation of Operational Reliability of Large-Scale Industrial Wind Turbines (Acronym: OPTIMUS, Grant Agreement no. FP7-DG-ENERGY-2013-1-322430).

OPTIMUS was an EU FP7 funded project, developing technology that will improve the efficiency of maintenance procedures and operational reliability of wind turbines. It was a 3-year project coordinated by ORE Catapult, with 13 consortium partners from 6 European countries and 1 associate partner (Kyungpook National University) from South Korea. More information can be found on the project’s website: http://www.optimusfp7.eu/

ENGITEC worked on the development of a CM system for monitoring the drive-train of industrial wind turbines. For more information please contact Mr. L. Constantinou.

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